My daughter begged; my wife caved.

The next thing I know, a small dog is looking up at me when I come home from work.

I made myself clear that I didn’t want a dog. Yet, a scruffy little animal is in my kitchen. My wife brought the dog home against my wishes. My daughter begged to have a dog for years now. I kept saying “no” because I knew I’d be the guy taking care of it.

The dog could sense that I didn’t want her in my home. So what does she do? She acts all cute and wins me over.
I hate my dog; I love my dog.

Such is the charm of a wirehaired dachshund.

After a few days in, I realized I knew nothing about caring for a pet. This was my first time as a serious pet owner. It was like being a parent for the first time all over again. By sharing my experiences, I can help others who might be new dog parents. And, I can also speak to the quirks of this interesting canine breed. I hope you take away something useful when you stop by.

And please, share your pet parent experiences too– especially if you own a wirehaired dachshund, too.



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