Lily the Wirehaired Dachshund

Hi. My name is Lily and I’m a wirehaired dachshund. We get a bad rap for being “stubborn”. But, I’m not stubborn; I’m curious. My nose picks up so much around me! I need time to take it all in. But you go pulling on my leash and take me away from what I’m concentrating on. Not fair!

I can obey, but you gotta make it worth my while. Boss me around and I don’t understand a word you say. But if you spend time with me and train me then I’ll snap to attention. And if anything comes near our house, I’ll bark at it! I’ll bark at the other dogs three streets over. They don’t tell us what to do!
When I first came to my current home, I could tell that not all the humans wanted me there. It was the main one– the pack leader. He didn’t like me at first. I knew if I didn’t win him over, I’d be back on the streets. But I wasn’t worried. I knew we’d become best friends. He only needed to get to know me first!
So, I turned on the charm: I followed him around all over the house. See . . . that was a demonstration of my loyalty and devotion. I knew I had ’em when he was staying up all night reading about dog care. He’d pass out tired in the chair. Then I’d curl up in his lap. Before he knew it, he was bringing me treats and feeding me dog food I liked! He started walking me and taking me on car rides and to the park! He keeps me safe. So, I follow him around everywhere so I can keep him safe too. And . . . score some extra treats, too. Hey– I’m not a total opportunist!
So, let’s get it straight–
Stubborn. Nah. Not true.
Devoted. Yes. Yes. And yes.
Lovable? Of course. Who can deny my charming beard and funny eyebrows? You love the way I cry for attention. You love my antics.
Irresistible? Absolutely.
I’m a wirehaired dachshund; the pack leader didn’t have a chance at sending me away!

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