Here’s that dirty job nobody likes to deal with– dog poop disposal. Some people don’t worry about it at all. They let their dog poop in your front yard and then they’re done. Or, they let their dog potty in their own back yards. Then, they forever watch their step when spend time outside. And others decide to compost it. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the different options for dealing with dog poop disposal.

Let Somebody Else Deal With It

Before becoming a pet parent, I would get frustrated when dog poo ended up in my yard.

Guess what? I still get frustrated. Why?

1. I don’t like to step in it.

2. Dog poop doesn’t turn into fertilizer by itself.

3. I don’t like to step in it.

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Don’t be that neighbor that lets your dog poop in everyone else’s yard. I know our dogs don’t typically poop on demand. But even if you dog poos in someone else’s yard, you can do something about it. Letting other people deal with your dog’s poo isn’t the best option.

Pick Up Behind Your Dog

I admit, I have a small dog. So, picking up behind Lily isn’t too hard. I bought a bag dispenser that hangs on my leash. When my dog poops, I can tear off a bag and pick it up. After that, I tie off the bag and hang it on a clip. The clip came with the dispenser. This allows my hands to stay free while I continue to walk my dog. If my dog is off leash and playing in the back yard, I can grab a bag and clean up. I keep a small garbage pail in my back yard. It has a foot peddle that lifts the lid. I drop the waste there. After I fill it up, I empty it out with my garbage run. Also, picking up your dog’s poo can allow you to have samples to take to your vet. Your dog will thank you for that.



Some people will argue that composting your dog’s poop is an option. This depends on how you prepare the compost. And even if you’re successful with creating compost, the dominant advice is to only use it on flowers. Don’t use dog poo compost to grow edible foods. If you keep that in mind, then composting is an option for disposing of your dog poop.

How Do You Deal With It?

So, how do you handle dog poop disposal? Do you pick up behind your dog? Or does your dog go in your neighbor’s yard? Do you have so much acreage that it doesn’t matter to you? Share your thoughts in comments below.


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