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Dachshunds love to jump up and down from furniture. But, jumping down from certain heights can cause serious injuries. Take care to prevent your dog from jumping off beds and couches. Or else, you will end up asking yourself, “why is my dachshund limping?”

Or worse: “Why can’t my dachshund walk?”

Oh, My Aching Back!

As with people, dogs can have sprains too. If your dog is limping, a sprain from a landing or fall is a likely possibility. Time to take him to the vet. If you can’t pinpoint what caused the limp, try to identify any bad habits that might have developed. Do you let your dog jump down from furniture? Do you always support your dachshund’s whole frame when you pick him up? Have you left your dog unattended? In that moment, could your dog have jumped up or off of something?

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Dachshunds also have frequent problems with their neck and back. Many dachshund pet parents have gotten back surgery for their pet. Seems par for the course with this breed. Weight gain can also bring on serious back problems. So, watch how much you feed them. They’re cute little things! Especially the wirehaired dachshunds. But don’t let that cause you to over feed them. You’ll regret it years later.

In a worse case, your dog may have trouble standing up on her hind legs. Along with that, will come trouble walking and your dog will display pain. That’s when surgery is likely. While this is something you hope to avoid, back surgery for your dachshund isn’t the end of her quality of life. But do remember the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.


As far as furniture goes, a comfy pet bed can go a long with prevention of injuries. If you do allow your dog on your furniture, sit with him. Don’t allow him to jump off. Otherwise, consider taking the cushion out of the chair and placing it on the floor (like a pet bed). That way, your dog can enjoy the nice cushion from your couch. Yet, you’ve removed any incentive for your dog to jump up or down from the furniture.

A pet bed is a great way to prevent falls and jumping off furniture.

This doesn’t mean your dachshund is delicate and you shield him from everything. Do give your dog plenty of exercise. Let them run and jump around in your back yard. They need that! Keep that weight off! Only, remember to keep them from jumping down from any heights while they play.


Do all you can to keep your pet injury free. Hold their whole frame when you pick them up. Badger others to do the same. Discourage jumping off high places like beds, couches and chairs.

Buy a pet bed or place the cushion of the couch or chair onto the floor. As much as you love them, you may want to avoid letting them in your bed. You never know when an accidental fall from the bed might happen. Falls like these can cause shoulder injuries or back issues– and vet visits.

And, feed your dog well. But not too much. More exercise; fewer treats.

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